List of selected academic experiences


Research Associate

Mannheim Centre for European Research (MZES), Data and Methods Unit

April 2020 – Present Mannheim

Research Associate

Mannheim Centre for European Research (MZES), Data and Methods Unit

December 2018 – August 2019 Mannheim

Doctoral Researcher

University of Mannheim

September 2016 – Present Mannheim


Publications in journals

  • Meyer, Cosima and Dennis Hammerschmidt (2019). “Explaining Regional Patterns of Violence in Times of Political Struggle: The Case of the 2005 Parliamentary Election in Afghanistan.” Journal of Regional Security 14(1)
  • Meyer, Cosima (2017). “Book Review. Rebels in a Rotten State: Understanding Atrocity in the Sierra Leone Civil War by Kieran Mitton.” Political Studies Review 15(2)

Blog posts


I teach advanced undergraduate seminars and methods classes with a strong focus on international relations, conflict studies, and quantitative methods.

  • Spring 2020: Escaping Violence — Post-conflict Stability and Reconstruction (Syllabus, with a UNSC simulation)
  • Spring 2020: LaTeX Workshop (with Dennis Hammerschmidt) (Slides)
  • Fall 2019: LaTeX and Overleaf (with Dennis Hammerschmidt) at the MZES Social Science Data Lab (Slides)
  • Fall 2019: Complexities in Analyzing Conflicts: Data Wrangling and Data Management in R (Syllabus, GitHub repository)
  • Spring 2019: Advanced Academic Writing Workshop (with Christian Gläßel and Anna-Lena Hönig)
  • Spring 2019: LaTeX Workshop (with Christian Gläßel and Anna-Lena Hönig)
  • Spring 2019: Actors and Tactics in Conflict Settings (Syllabus, with a UNSC simulation)
  • Fall 2018: LaTeX Workshop (with Dennis Hammerschmidt) (Slides)
  • Fall 2018: Analyzing Conflicts - Research Methods in Peace and Conflict Studies (Syllabus)
  • Spring 2017: The Political Economy of War (Syllabus)
  • Fall 2016: Opening the Black Box of Civil War (Syllabus)

I received the 2019 Teaching Award from the Center for Doctoral Studies in the Social Sciences (CDSS).


This is a late version of a TidyTuesday. I started working on it a while ago and could not finish it – but here you go! The TidyTuesday was about Broadway musicals with a dataset by Playbill. I plotted an arc diagram with ggraph visualizing how long the musical was played, coloring the top 6 musicals based on the weekly gross the plays generated. I colored those six musicals with colors from their original logo.

When the GDPR regulations went into full force in May 2018, it came a bit like a shock. While people tried to make everything as GDPR-proof as possible, it felt as if no one really knew what is enough and how hard how hard possible fines would hit. I really enjoyed this week’s TidyTuesday to explore the data to answer the question. I generated an annual map for the countries in the data and colored it by the cumulated fine (standardized by the cases per country).

It’s time for TidyTuesday again! As a kid, when Lance Armstrong and Jan Ullrich were competing over the title, I would spend a good part of my summer holidays watching the Tour de France and being impressed by the fascinating and (fast changing) landscape the stages have to offer. This week’s sankey plot shows the distribution of stage winners by stage type, distance, and nationality. And, what do we get out of it?